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Skills Acquired at Mariposa Preschool

"Mariposa Preschool takes pride in providing a safe environment and maintaining a healthy relationship with adults."

​2-Year Old Learning Skills


  • Developing a child's gross motor skills is extremely important for a child as it helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle and promotes body movement. We want to make sure your child gains these skills through exercise activities, such by practicing motor reflexes which include: running, skipping, throwing, hopping, climbing, and walking upstairs. 

  • Body movement helps stimulate connections of the body, nervous system, and is also highly encouraged for young children, as it stimulates growth and develops self-awareness. A child maintains an active mind when participating in body movement activities and muscle stimulation takes place ​as well.

  • Outdoor Activities  Which include active running, jumping, obstacle courses, throwing, climbing,  gardening, outdoor chalk, and bike riding.

  • Math and Science: We make sure your child implements math and science through various activities such as block play and counting. Children also learn colors and math while sorting shapes, taking measurements and comparing sizes. Mariposa Preschool encourages curiosity and independence through experimentation by allowing children the ability to explore natural materials and enhance their creative thinking and decision making.

  • Music and Movement: We encourage children to be creative by developing skills such as singing, dancing, identifying sounds, and phonological awareness.

  • Language and Literacy:  Our program covers the fundamentals of Spanish language development. Children are read to and asked to follow multi-step instructions while understanding and actively responding to English and Spanish literacy activities.

  • Art and Fine Motor: We ensure that your child's releases their expressions through creativity by participating in finger-painting, color mixing, and participating in DIY crafts.

​3-5 Year Old Learning Skills

  • We promote the development of positive social relationships with adults and other children by enhancing independence and creativity. 


  • Art and Fine Motor: Students paint with brushes and engage in self-guided creative crafts such as drawing, tracing, coloring, molding clay, cutting with scissors and color mixing.


  • Outdoor Play and Gross Motor: Children remain active by running and using their motor reflexes through the following activities: maintaining a balance, practice throwing overhand and participating in active outdoor activities.

  • Math and Science: Learning the basic fundamentals is important as it shapes a child's thought process, we make sure your child participates in block play, which allows children the ability to be creative and independent when solving problems. It's also important for children to learn quantities and practice numerical orders. Our program ensures that your child learns the main colors, how to sort figures, match colors and patterns, number recognition, addition and subtraction, identifying geometric shapes, measuring with tools, comparing and contrasting items, becoming immersed in extensive explorations of topics that interest them and understanding one-to-one correspondence.


  • Music and Movement: singing along to songs, creating their own dance moves to music, exploring and identifying sounds, developing phonological awareness, playing instruments, developing melody and rhythm.


  • Language and Literacy in Spanish and English:  Listening to stories and responding to questions, predicting outcomes, following multi-step instructions, understanding language in conversations, expressing self through complex sentences, categorizing items/words, concepts of print, letter and word recognition, emergent writing, phonological awareness and rhyming.

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